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I haz a new job! Well, sort of…

I’m not leaving Chicago magazine, but I’ve taken on the newly created position of Digital Engagement Editor, working for @ourmaninchicago.

Per Scott:

Her responsibilities will be tied to our editorial and audience development needs in the digital space…. Many of the tasks and projects Elizabeth worked on in her previous position will be expanded in this one: She will be the full-time manager of our conversation in social media (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare), look for opportunities to expand into new platforms and develop new research on how our audiences use our current digital channels. She’ll also do more outreach to blogs and other online publications and work with Esther [Chicagomag.com editor] to create new site content that complements the magazine and reflects the digital conversation happening throughout Chicago.

I’m particularly excited about forging new content relationships with other publications throughout Chicago and beyond. If that’s you, please send me an email at enriley@chicagomag.com. Would love to chat.

  1. jerriann said: How funny is it that we work for the same company and I did not know. I have a similar job in Orlando and worked with Laura Moran and Ben Estes (Chicago Tribune) in Chicago during the summer of 2010 :)
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